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Protect your business from unplanned incidents

There are many reasons why business continuity planning is vital.
As individuals, we insure our homes, our cars and our lives.
Organisations need to take precautions to protect the future of their business.

Business continuity planning is not simply about IT and data recovery; a good business continuity plan looks at the bigger picture – the effect on the physical aspects of the business, such as premise relocation and information management, as well as how to react and communicate in an emergency situation.

Unlike insurance, implementing a business continuity plan is generally a one-off cost and a very worthwhile investment. Even with the best insurance policy in the world you can not insure against the damage to the reputation of your business in the face of an event – but you can limit the damage by handling it effectively.

Additionally, something we hear regularly from clients is how much additional value the undertaking of BC planning gives them – the time we invest looking at the client’s business and making suggestions of potential improvements to working practices and IT infrastructure means that the process does provide a very real and immediate return on investment.